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What To Write In A Conclusion
Don’t forget to write a conclusion now if you don’t begin your conclusion with in conclusion or to conclude I don’t know that this is the [...]
Mastering Your Writing Skill
We need to see that the sentence needs to be flipped where the comma occurs the sentence should start with it and it needs to be defined because that is [...]
Case Study – The Introduction
The introduction explains a focus of the operations whether it’s railways roads shopping centers etc then you should outline the aim of the report [...]
English Language Personal Narrative Assignment
This assignment asks you to focus on who, what, and where you are in our society – both in terms of the place you choose for yourself and the place others [...]
Questions about College Admissions Part 2
But what if…?? I am completely overwhelmed by this! College represents a time of tremendous change and growth. This process is exciting but can be a little [...]
Questions about College Admissions
Here are some frequently asked questions which are often on the minds of students and parents as they approach the college admission process. Why go to [...]
A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating the College Admissions Process
Your journey begins here! This is an exciting time and I hope you are prepared to fully embrace this challenge. This blog will guide you through the [...]
College Application Essay
A Moment That Defined Me This “generic” prompt is constructed so that it can serve as an essay for almost ANY college application entry [from 250-900 [...]
College Statement of Purpose Rules
The truth of the matter is that when comparing your statement of purpose packet to all the others applying for admission, your statement of purpose [...]
Everything You Need To Know About Kindle Publishing
There are disadvantages of course, the main one being you really will have to work hard to promote your ebook if you are to get realistic sales, but any [...]